Virtual Assembly

7th August 2020
Here's another Virtual Assembly. Stay safe everyone
31st July 2020
Well done on another great week of Remote and Flexible Learning everyone. Here's the latest Virtual assembly
22nd July 2020
Phase Two of Remote and Flexible Learning means another Virtual Assembly.
Well done to everyone re adjusting to this.
26th June 2020
Hi everyone
Here is our final virtual assembly for Term 2. Boy what a term it's been! Thank you so much to staff, parents and students for supporting each other and demonstrating amazing levels of resilience. Look forward to seeing everyone back well rested on Monday 13th July.



19th June 2020
Another Virtual Assembly for you to enjoy. We look forward to catching up with parents and carers on Tuesday and Wednesday for Parent Teacher Interviews. Please book a time using Compass.
5 days till the holidays!



12th June 2020
Another Friday, another Virtual Assembly! It's been fantastic to welcome back all the Grade 3- 6 students. Thanks everyone it's feeling great having us all back together.



5th June 2020
We hope you enjoy this week's assembly. Some great work by teachers and students! Can't wait to see everyone back safely on Tuesday 9th June.



29th May 2020
Hi everyone. It's been great having all our Prep to Grade 2s on site this week. Well done to Grades 3 to 6 for keeping on with your remote learning.
Hope you enjoy this week's assembly.



Returning to School - A Social Story for Preps and Friends
Our amazing Prep teachers have put together this video to make everyone feel a little more relaxed about returning to school.


22nd May 2020
Here's this week's assembly. Thanks to Neko and Alexander our School Leaders. We can't wait to see all the Prep - Grade 2 students next week.



15th May 2020
Here's this week's assembly. Thanks Anna and Harry.


20th May 2020
Here's our virtual assembly for Week 4 Term 2. Enjoy and Happy Mothers Day to all those amazing Mums!!