Tax Deductible Donations to the School Building & Library Funds

The CWPS School Council is delighted to announce that the CWPS School Building and Library Fund is now open to tax-deductible donations.

These funds will greatly benefit CWPS, enabling the provision of quality education to current and future students, as well as benefiting the donor with a tax deduction. Unless otherwise specified, 70% of any donation will be allocated to the Building Fund, and the remaining 30% to the Library Fund.

School Building Fund donations may be used fro the following:

  • Repairs, painting, plumbing and general maintenance
  • Replacing floor coverings
  • Heater/Cooler repairs and/or replacement
  • Cleaning a school building
  • Building insurance
  • Security costs

School Library Fund donations may be used for the following:

  • New books
  • Computer software and hardware
  • Certain library furniture such as bookshelves and displays

A recommended contribution of $100 per child to the Building Fund and $50 per child to the Library Fund, will be gratefully accepted.

CWPS is also very happy to discuss formal recognition of specific donations of a philanthropic nature.

Donations can be made online using COMPASS.

Or visit the CWPS school office between 9:00am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

For further information on donating funds, please contact the office on 9386 1286.