Maths Home Learning

Welcome to our Maths Home Learning Page. It is in the initial stages and will be updated and improved. It is a place where you can find resources as well as other websites to support your child at home with basic facts. Students are required to practise their basic facts at home to support what they are learning in class. Current research shows us that the students who achieve the most success in mathematics are those who know basic facts automatically.


Basic facts are equations that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with single and double digit numbers. Students are expected to calculate basic facts mentally. When students know their facts automatically it frees up working memory to be able to work with complex problems. At Coburg West we define ‘automatically’ as being able to recall an answer within 3 seconds. Students are encouraged to time their efforts to determine if they can move onto the next strategy. Let’s aim for 10 questions in 30 seconds!

The equations are presented differently to ensure students are familiar with both the horizontal and vertical presentation. The horizontal format is used for the larger numbers to ensure students are calculating it mentally instead of using a written method.


Basic facts are taught in a specific order from the easiest to more complex. It is important that students achieve success with one strategy before moving onto the next. Students will be practising at school however they will also be using their class time to work on more complex problem solving. Therefore we require students to practise at home. Please see your child’s teacher to determine where to start or if you have any questions.


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Practice Activities -

Single Digit Addition                  

Add 1

Add 2 and 3

Add 10

Add 10s facts

Add doubles

Add near doubles

Add 7,8 and 9 


Double Digit Addition

Add 0,1, 2, and 3

Add 9

Add 10s facts

Add 7 and 8


Triple Digit Addition

Add 1, 2 and 3

Add 9

Add 7 and 8


Single Digit Subtraction

Subtract 1

Subtract 2, 0

Subtract 3, 0

Subtract 10

Subtract 10s facts

Subtract doubles

Subtract near doubles

Subtract 8

Subtract 9


Double Digit Subtraction

Subtract 1, 2, 3 and 0

Subtract 10

Subtract doubles

Subtract 7 and 8

Subtract 9

Subtract 100 facts


Triple Digit Subtraction

Subtract 1,2 and 3

Subtract 10

Subtract doubles

Subtract multiples of 10

Subtract 7, 8 and 9