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Digital Technologies

At Coburg West Primary all students from F-6 have significant access to digital devices such as iPads, laptop computers and Chromebooks, with two main online learning platforms being used to deliver content. These are SeeSaw for

Grade F-2, and Google Classroom (GSUITE) for Grades 3-6. Use of these platforms and devices ensure all students at CWPS have the opportunity to blend tactile learning experiences with digital learning experiences.


All students at Coburg West participate in the Digital Technologies Specialist subject where they explore a range of topics including Coding, Animation, Movie Making, Digital Design, Robotics and Cybersafety.


At CWPS we see learning in Digital Technologies (DT) as a social, critical and collaborative enterprise. We acknowledge the complex and pervasive role that Digital Technologies play in contemporary society, and aim to build learning experiences for our students that are relevant, meaningful and focused on producing agile, ethical and responsible digital citizens.


DT has 3 Strands and 12 key underpinning concepts. 

Strands: Digital Systems, Data & Information, and Creating Digital Solutions.


Concepts:  Abstraction, Algorithms, Specification, Digital Systems, Data Collection, Data Representation, Data Interpretation, Implementation, Impact, Human to Human Interactions, Human to Computer Interactions.

 Computational Thinking also forms a consistent through line in Digital Technologies, this video may provide some useful context around this.


Languages. Italian and Greek
At Coburg West Primary we offer students the choice of Italian or Greek language and cultural study.Both languages are offered from Prep to Grade Six for one hour per week.

Topics studied in lower grades include greetings, numbers, colours and a variety of themes that support wider classroom programs. At senior levels a more advanced language program is introduced.

Our focus is on communicating and understanding how a language works and gaining insights into the culture which gives the language its life and meaning. Students learn to communicate in the target language for many purposes and in many contexts and are able to extend their social contacts through Sister School Programs (Italian) or consulate assistant teachers (Greek).

ICT programs and resources, including i Pads, play a major part in our language program to further asssit students with their studies.

Physical Education
Coburg West has an extensive Physical Education program providing opportunties for active participation, skill development and exercise for all students.

Our full size indoor basketball court and hall are utilised for weekly Physical Education sessions for all grades, impleemented by a trained PE teacher. A swimming program is provided for Grade 3-4 students along with a sport program where students are encouraged to undertake leadership roles. Foundation year students are provided with a weekly Perceptual Motor Progam. Senior students participate in inter school sport, cross country events and athletics carnivals.

Coburg West Primary celebrates physical activity and places emphasis on:

  • Fun, enjoyment and a measure of success for all
  • Skill acquisition and development
  • Positive sporting behaviour, cooperation and respect for others

Visual Arts Program
The F-6 Visual Arts program provides opportunity for students to express themselves creatively using a range of mediums and techniques. Skill development is encouraged and all students are provided with a weekly lesson in our dedicated Visual Arts space.

A highlight of our Visual Arts program is our visiting artist program and our Art Show held every second year. Student achievement is celebrated in displays throughout the school and there are many opportunities to contribute to collaborative artworks to enhance the Coburg West school environment.

Music and Performing Arts
The performing Arts program operates from Monday to Friday and each class is timetabled for one hour of weekly instruction. Performing Arts consists of four key components encompassing Music, Drama, Dance and Media. In Prep, students experience Performing Arts through viewing,games and simple tasks.In grades 1-6, students work collaboratively on tasks they plan, rehearse and perform.

The wider Performing Arts program includes a drum band, string ensemble, choir and rock band. These groups rehearse once an week and perform at school assemblies, concerts, fetes and out of school music events.

After hours private music tuition also takes place at the school. Students have the option to have individual or group lessons. The musical instruments offered are: classical guitar, violin, cello, keyboard and drums. A guitat ensemble operates once a week as part of this program.