Bell Times

Students should be in the school ground by 8.50am and be ready for grade or school assemblies that commence at 9.00am.


Other bell times are as follows:

8.56am Morning Music
9.00am Assembly:
- Whole school Monday
- Grade areas Tuesday to Friday
9.15am Lunch orders
11.00am Morning recess
11.27am Warning Music followed by bell
11.30am Resumption of classroom activities
1.25pm Monitors collect lunch boxes
1.30pm Students eat lunch inside.
1.40pm Lunch break.
2.27pm Warning Music – games stop, students go to line followed by bell
2.30pm Resumption of classroom activities
3.15pm Classroom bin bell
3.30pm Dismissal

Early Release of Students:

Students are not permitted to leave the school before normal dismissal time unless they are collected by a parent or authorised adult. The parent or authorised adult must call at the office for a yellow "pass card" before collecting children from the classroom and must give the card to the teacher. It is necessary for people, other than the parent, collecting students to have identification with them when picking up students and for the parent to have notified the school by letter or phone.


Late Pass:

Students who are late for school must report to the main office before they go to their classroom to receive a Late Pass. It is preferable for students to be punctual daily to establish good habits and allow the school day to begin quickly without disruptions.