Values, Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone has the right to learn.
Everyone has the right to feel safe.

Personal Responsibility — I do the right thing.
Communal Responsibility — I encourage others to do the right thing.

We are Learners

We are Respectful

We are Safe

We Care about Others

Student Representative Council (SRC)
At Coburg West our SRC is made up of one representative from each classroom who is voted into this position by their peers.The SRC meets regularly and is an opportunity for students to have a say, make suggestions and voice opinions on a range of issues that affect all students.

Over the years we have worked on fundraising for our Friendship Tree which is a safe and welcoming place in our school yard where all students can go during recess and lunch breaks. We have also raised funds donated to Oxfam for students and schools in need of support in Cambodia and Vietnam.