Transitional Programs

Prep / Foundation Transition:

During October in the year prior to your child commencing school, we offer a Prep / Foundation Transition Program. The program consists of two one and a half hour sessions and runs on consecutive Wednesdays. Further, we host a Meet Your Teacher session in December.

The Prep / Foundation Transition Program is an important opportunity for you and your child to become familiar with the physical layout of the school and to meet new preps and their parents.


Prep Buddies:

Our grade 6 students build a special relationship with our Prep students to promote an easier transition from kindergarten to school. The Buddy Program offers Preps someone who is familiar to them in the school yard and they know their grade 6 buddy will always look out for them. The Prep and Grade 6 students spend time in the Term 1 working together on fun activities. Helping our Prep's feel comfortable in our school environment and building great relationships is a high priority at Coburg West Primary School.


Yearly Grade-to-Grade Transition:

Transition of students to new grades and rooms is supported each year as children progress through their primary years. In December, each student visits their new room along with their new grade members.


Secondary Transition:

Students from Coburg West Primary choose attend a range of secondary schools. Grade 6 students attend open days and evenings during their grade 6 year, in preparation for their transition to secondary settings. An orientation day is held in December for all grade 6 students.